A Lindy Memory…

If you haven’t seen this video before, please check it out.  This blog is followed around the world, so please share within your local lindy scene.  This post is in tribute to a dear friend who conceived and co-choreographed/directed this flash mob and introduced me to the Lindy Hop.  If you can, please click through and watch it on YouTube, I’d like to see the view counter rise.  Thanks.

About This Week in Swing NYC

By day, I work in video and photography (including photographing the swing scene). This site was created as a centralized location to help swing dancers know where to go dancing! Originally intended for the local swing dance community in NYC, the blog is sought out by swing dancers around the globe. Check out my photography at eileenodonnellphotography.com
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5 Responses to A Lindy Memory…

  1. kapstudent says:

    Watch this. It’s phenomenal.

  2. kapstudent says:

    Sorry, missent that last one. It is phenomenal though:)

  3. Barabara says:

    That put a smile on this Lindy Hoppers face.

  4. Superb its really amazing.

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