Dance Lessons


This page includes dance teachers and dance studios in NYC.  
If a teacher teaches at a studio, I am not listing them separately, due to limited time resources.  
I have taken classes from many, but not all of the teachers below, so please do not consider this list an endorsement.
Independent Swing Instructors:
-Joe Palmer and Catherine Schmetter:  The Artists’ Lab

-Michael Jagger / Evita Arce: 

-Nathan Bugh / Gaby Cook

-Margaret Batiuchok

-Jennifer Sowden

-Samantha and Brian Lawton 

-Bobby White

-Mary Christensen and Kevin Clark

-Roddy Caravella

-Swing Dance Astoria

-Harlem Swing Dance Lessons

-Myrna Caceres / 92Y

Dance Studios:
-You Should Be Dancing –

-Dancesport –

-Long Island Swing Syndicate –

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